Local Body Spotlight: Writing Guidelines

From the Editor’s Desk

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Submissions to the Local Body Spotlight may be written by masters or a designated representative. Alternatively, the EC Blog Editor may write an article based on an interview or bullet points submitted by a master.

If you choose to write your own article, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

Articles should adhere to the U.S.G.L Style Guide.

Creative capitalization is strongly discouraged and will make the Editor grumpy as she has to correct it before publishing.

Articles should be written in first person (singular or plural) with a casual tone of voice.

Article length should be between 500-800 words but may go up to 1000 words. If you have a lot more to say, please break it up into multiple articles.

Photos are strongly encouraged! But if your photos have people in them, you must have permission from every individual in the photo.

A shared Google Document is the ideal format, but .rtf and .doc and .docx will also be accepted.

Topics may vary, but the following are of particular interest:

  • how you attract and/or maintain members (outreach, promulgation, etc)
  • report on a regional event that you hosted
  • how you feast
  • a report on an interesting class that you did
  • officer roles beyond master, deputy master, secretary, treasurer
  • how you schedule events (if there’s something interesting about it)
  • local body culture (how you built it, what it looks like, etc)
  • your event calendar (regular events, cadence, etc)
  • how you welcome newcomers
  • transitions to and from Camp/Oasis/Lodge
  • master transitions
  • money management – dues, bank accounts, expenses
  • unique regional challenges
  • future plans and visions
  • long term projects

If you have another topic that you think may be of interest, please reach out!

Love is the law, love under will.