Electoral College Meetings

Winter 2019 e.v. Electoral College Meeting Actions

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. 

The Electoral College took the following actions online on January 26th:

  1. Passed the Mastership of Dove & Serpent Oasis (Atlanta, GA) from Sr. Rebekah S. to Br.  Bobby C. 
  2. Passed the Mastership of Lapis Lazuli Oasis (Phoenix, AZ) from Br. Scott P. to Soror Prunikos 
  3. Passed the Mastership of Star of Babalon Camp (Raleigh, NC) from Soror Crystal Lal to Frater Temujin
  4. Passed the Mastership of Tahuti Lodge (New York City, NY) from Soror Alecto to Soror Constance
  5. Extended the tenure limits of the masters of Anabasis Camp, Azul Nox Oasis, Black Sun Lodge, Hidden Spring Oasis, NOXULUXON Camp, Roar of Rapture Camp, Sekhet Bast Ra Oasis, Song of Freedom Oasis, and Star Sapphire Lodge for a period of one year. 

Love is the law, love under will. 

In the Bonds of the Order, HTT QNN

President, U.S. Electoral College

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