Operating a Study Group


Local Organizers are responsible for adhering to the following guidelines when operating a study group. These are designed as general guidelines, which we understand may not address every situation that might arise in a particular valley. Should specific questions arise, a Local Organizer should contact their mentor, or the E.C. Organizer Secretary.

  • Local Organizers must not represent themselves as operating a chartered body of Ordo Templi Orientis. However, they may state that they are organizing local activity toward entering an application for a camp charter.
  • A Local Organizer may decide to hold meetings, classes, or other activities in their local area. Because these activities are not conducted under the auspices of a chartered body of Ordo Templi Orientis, they are not recognized as O.T.O. events, and must not be represented as such.
  • The Electoral College does not permit an Organizer to use a name as a local body (e.g. camp, oasis, or lodge).
  • An Organizer is encouraged to create a Facebook and/or Meetup page for outreach. This should be entitled something like, “[Valley] Thelemic Study Group”. The Organizer Secretary email should be added to any lists or groups created.
  • Though events held are not O.T.O. events, Organizers are expected to follow U.S.G.L. policy at such events, as the Organizer aspires to Camp Master status.
  • A Local Organizer with activity levels fulfilling the camp criteria for at least 6 months should consider submitting an Application for Camp Charter. There is no guarantee that the Electoral College will approve an Application for Camp Charter submitted by a Local Organizer. The advice of the Mentor and Organizer Secretaries should be sought before applying.
  • Since a Local Organizer is not operating a chartered body of O.T.O., it is not appropriate for them to collect dues or to receive donations of money or property in the name of O.T.O. A ‘study group’ led by an Organizer is not a recognized entity, and therefore it cannot own money or equipment.
  • Should a situation arise in which a Local Organizer is in a position to receive a donation of funds or equipment, he or she should contact the Organizer Secretary, who will facilitate communication with the Grand Treasurer General. Such situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


It is the desire of the Electoral College to help facilitate the success of a Local Organizer. To that end we offer the above resources and guidelines. If there are further resources that would be helpful, or if specific questions arise, an Organizer should contact the Organizer Secretary directly at ec_lop@oto-usa.org.