Local Organizer Program

The Local Organizer (LO) program is a resource offered by the Electoral College in support of individual initiates who are working toward applying for a chartered camp of Ordo Templi Orientis.

Currently Recognized Local Organizers

City: Organized by: Contact:
Williamstown, MA Fr. Jnanam Bandhaha capital.beast.thelema@gmail.com 
Huntsville, AL Fr. Ch thelema.huntsvilleal@gmail.com 
Gainesville, FL Frater AShVATThA fraterashvattha@gmail.com  

Guidelines for Local Organizers

The Electoral College may recognize a qualified initiate as a Local Organizer (LO). This organizer operates as a field coordinator and contact point within the valley of the proposed camp. Through the resources of the LO program, the Electoral College will provide organizers with support and guidance to assist with the many challenges of growing a new camp.

In addition to supporting aspiring masters in their endeavors to grow new camps, the LO program is designed to facilitate communication between aspiring camp masters and the Electoral College, to increase the likelihood of long-term survival for new camps, and to encourage the emergence of new local bodies in unserved areas.

The Electoral College recommends that those aspiring to be camp masters participate in the LO program, although participation in the program is not a mandatory prerequisite for submitting an application for camp charter. It does, however, help to prepare an organizer for taking that step, and it allows Electors to get to know the applicant and their work.

Resources Available to Local Organizers

  • Local Organizers will have access to a mentor (KRE or above) who can offer information, feedback, and advice. The mentor will report to the Electoral College on the progress of the Local Organizer twice per year.
  • Local Organizers will have access to the LB-Leadership-USGL email list, which facilitates communication between local body leadership, the Electoral College, and U.S. Grand Lodge officers, and will participate in an organizer email list where they can share their challenges with past and present organizers.
  • Local Organizers will receive a copy of the Camp, Oasis, and Lodge Master’s Handbook.
  • Further information on applying for a camp charter may be found here.
  • The Electoral College criteria for camps may be found here.

Recognition as a Local Organizer

To be considered for recognition as a Local Organizer, an individual meeting the qualifications listed below must contact the Local Organizer Secretary at lop@oto-usa.org to apply.

  • The individual must be a dues current Initiate of O.T.O. in good standing of at least the Third Degree. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for Initiates of the First or Second Degree in areas in need of a facilitator.
  • The Local Organizer Secretary will investigate the good report of the Initiate by contacting Initiatory sponsors, and/ or contacting the master(s) of local bodies recently attended.
  • The Initiate must contact all masters of existing local bodies within an approx. two-hour radius regarding their intent to be recognized as a Local Organizer. If there are no local bodies within a two-hour radius, the Initiate must contact the master of the nearest local body.
  • Recognition as a Local Organizer is granted for a term of one year. The Local Organizer Secretary may extend this term for an additional term in one-year intervals. Local Organizer status may be reviewed or revoked by the E.C. at any time should the circumstances warrant.


A Local Organizer is expected to:

  • Remain a dues current Initiate of O.T.O. in good standing.
  • Maintain communication with their Mentor.
  • Maintain a fraternal and harmonious relationship with existing local bodies, including good communication and cordial relations.
  • Promulgate the Law of Thelema.
  • Exhibit the principles of tolerance, fraternity, and hospitality in all their organizing activities and outreach venues.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of U.S.G.L.

Failure in any of these will jeopardize participation in the Local Organizer Program.

Guidelines for Operation

Local Organizers are responsible for adhering to the following guidelines. These are designed as general guidelines, which we understand may not address every situation that might arise in a particular valley. Should specific questions arise, a Local Organizer should contact their mentor, or the E.C. Organizer Secretary.

  • Local Organizers must not represent themselves as operating a chartered body of Ordo Templi Orientis. However, they may state that they are organizing local activity toward entering an application for a Camp Charter.
  • A Local Organizer may decide to hold meetings, classes, or other activities in their local area. Because these activities are not conducted under the auspices of a chartered body of Ordo Templi Orientis, they are not recognized as O.T.O. events, and must not be represented as such.
  • The Electoral College will not recognize a name for a proposed local body. Local Organizers should keep in mind that the Electoral College asks for three possible names for the proposed body on the Application for Camp Charter, and their preferred name may not necessarily be approved.
  • An Organizer is encouraged to create a Facebook and/or Meetup page for outreach. This should be entitled something like, “[Valley] Thelemic Study Group”. The Organizer Secretary should be added to any lists or groups created.
  • Though events held are not O.T.O. events, Organizers are expected to follow U.S.G.L. policy at such events, as the Organizer aspires to Camp Master status.
  • A Local Organizer with activity levels fulfilling the camp criteria for at least 6 months should consider submitting an Application for Camp Charter. There is no guarantee that the Electoral College will approve an Application for Camp Charter submitted by a Local Organizer. The advice of the Mentor and Organizer Secretary should be sought before applying.
  • Since a Local Organizer is not operating a chartered body of O.T.O., it is not appropriate for them to collect dues or to receive donations of money or property in the name of O.T.O. A ‘study group’ led by an Organizer is not a recognized entity, and therefore it cannot own money or equipment.
  • Should a situation arise in which a Local Organizer is in a position to receive a donation of funds or equipment, he or she should contact the Organizer Secretary, who will facilitate communication with the Grand Treasurer General. Such situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

It is the desire of the Electoral College to help facilitate the success of a Local Organizer. To that end we offer the above resources and guidelines. If there are further resources that would be helpful, or if specific questions arise, an Organizer should contact the Organizer Secretary directly at lop@oto-usa.org.