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Master Selection Process

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As previously announced, the Electoral College has recently adopted changes to its procedures for the selection and appointment of body masters.

At any time, any OTO member in good standing and of III° or higher may submit to the Electoral College a Mastership Volunteer Application to indicate their interest and willingness to serve as body master. The College will review all applications received and will keep them on file until a change of mastership is requested by the master or otherwise becomes necessary.

Masters who wish for the College to appoint a successor will continue to submit to the College an Application for Change of Mastership. This application has been revised to remove the section in which a designated successor is identified; that section has been superseded by the separate Mastership Volunteer Application.

Upon receipt of an Application for Change of Mastership, the College will consider possible successors from among any who have previously submitted (or may soon thereafter submit) volunteer applications. Masters should encourage those who they believe would be good successors to submit volunteer applications and the College expects that a current master’s feedback on potential successors will continue to be welcome and valuable. To that end, the College will directly solicit feedback from the current master as well as from the chapter of mediation, providing them with a list of the candidates under consideration. Masters are also welcome to provide feedback on potential successors in their statement attached to the Application for Change of Mastership.

The Mastership Volunteer Application and the updated Application for Change of Mastership are available from the USGL Document Control Officer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the E.C. Master Selection Secretary at Mike.Estell at

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