Chartering A New Camp

Those interested in applying for a charter as local master of a new Camp of U.S.G.L. should seek out other interested persons and begin meeting to discuss Thelema and their personal participation in O.T.O. Once they have built a small group of initiates or those interested in taking initiation, they should consider applying for the Local Organizer Program of the E.C. An initiate organizing a study group is welcome to contact the Local Organizer Secretary to discuss the process and receive advice based on their particular area as well.

The Local Organizer Program

The Local Organizer (LO) program is a resource offered by the Electoral College in support of individual initiates with the goal of applying for a chartered camp of U.S.G.L. Please view the Local Organizer Guidelines for more information on the LO Program. Participation in the program makes resources available to aspiring Camp Masters, such as access to a Mentor and to the Clerk-house U.S.G.L. Announcement List.

Requirements for Starting a New Camp

Please view the EC Criteria for Camp, Oases, and Lodges to find the minimum standards set by the Electoral College for the three levels of a local body. Camps are the first level of local body, while Oases and Lodges grow out of said Camps.

Under the present policy, it takes a minimum of three initiates to start a new camp. The prospective master must be at least a Third Degree initiate and two of the other prospective members must be of at least the First Degree.

To charter a new camp, you must submit a completed Application for Camp Charter to the Electoral College, which can be obtained by emailing the Document Control Officer at An application fee in the amount of $30.00 must be submitted as well.

If you have any questions regarding the camp application procedure, email the Electoral College Secretary at

Additional Resources for Aspiring Camp Masters

Mentorship Program: All local masters and local organizers will be assigned a formal E.C. mentor. The mentor functions as a consultant to the local master or local organizer, making themselves available to answer questions and provide policy guidance. To learn more about this service, please read about the Mentorship Program.

Kaaba Colloquium: The U.S.G.L. Kaaba Colloquium Leadership Program (Kaaba) is a leadership seminar offered for local masters, officers, and interested initiates of the First Degree and above. The Electoral College highly recommends all aspiring and existing leaders attend one or more instances of Kaaba Colloquium. For more information, please view the Kaaba Colloquium website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get three Initiates together when there is no local body?

    It is permitted for the local organizer to seek out other Thelemites who may be drawn to the Order in their area, perhaps with a query on a local e-list or social media, or by putting up notices in local occult bookstores or similar venues, asking interested Thelemites to contact them. They cannot describe themselves as an official Camp or local body of O.T.O. Rather that they are interested in forming such a body and can reach them at their organizer email or at a designated meeting place and time.

    As they gather seekers, it is the organizer’s responsibility to get in touch with the nearest initiating local body: to meet people who might be willing to sponsor candidates, to get paperwork filed, and to arrange to travel to that local body for the initiations.

  • What can we do other than seek initiation?Does any of you have a skill in an area of magick that you can teach to others? You can hold classes.
    Get together to read the Holy Books and discuss them.

    Is there some field of magical or mystical effort some of you want to learn? Then get together to share that process, or perhaps find someone knowledgeable who is willing to come to demonstrate what they know to the group.

  • Is the Electoral College opposed to chartering multiple bodies in a given geographic area?No, but the area would need to demonstrate both the need for multiple geographic locations and good relations between both groups. Consequently, if you would like to start a Camp in an area that already has a local body, loosely defined as within an hour’s driving distance from the existing body, you are going to have to convince a majority of seated Electors that you have a valid reason for starting a new one, such as a membership that is isolated due to transportation issues in the region or seasonal geographic barriers such as a mountain range between the two areas.

    It is incumbent on all local leaders and prospective officers to foster harmonious relations with other local bodies, especially the ones nearest to you.