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This is a survey for people who have attended any event at an O.T.O. Lodge, Oasis, or Camp in the past year to share any feedback they might have anonymously with the Electoral College of the United States Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis.
The responses to this survey will not be made public, nor will they be shared directly with the master of this body. Rather the responses will be collated and the over-all themes relayed to the master.
1. What body are you filling out this survey for?
2. What did the body do well last year? (e.v. 2019)
3. What could the body improve for the next year? (e.v. 2020)
4. Is there anything you think the E.C. should know about?
Please note that any serious misconduct should be brought directly to the attention of either the Electoral College or the Executive Council.