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In-person meetings are held at local bodies that agree to host us. If your local body would like to volunteer to host an E.C. meeting contact the President of the Electoral College. We are often booked for hosting meetings up to two years in advance, so you will likely be looking at a date a couple of years out. Sometimes the location is selected so that the EC can meet jointly with other USGL officers, and the order in which we visit bodies doesn't necessarily match the order in which they volunteered to host us.

If you are thinking about volunteering to host and meeting and would like to know what is required check out our page "So You Want to Host an EC Meeting".

Dues-current members in good standing of V° and above are welcome to attend and observe the in-person Electoral College meetings. We request that those planning to attend contact the master of the hosting body so that adequate arrangements can be made.

What follows are the dates and locations for upcoming meetings of the Electoral College, as well as the deadlines for submitting agenda items for consideration at those meetings.