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The Local Organizer (LO) program is a resource offered by the Electoral College in support of individual initiates who are working toward applying for a chartered camp of Ordo Templi Orientis.

Currently Recognized Local Organizers

City: Organized by: Contact:
Williamstown, MA Fr. Jnanam Bandhaha capital.beast.thelema@gmail.com
Huntsville, AL Fr. Ch thelema.huntsvilleal@gmail.com
Gainesville, FL Frater AShVATThA fraterashvattha@gmail.com

Guidelines for Local Organizers

The Electoral College may recognize a qualified initiate as a Local Organizer (LO). This organizer operates as a field coordinator and contact point within the valley of the proposed camp. Through the resources of the LO program, the Electoral College will provide organizers with support and guidance to assist with the many challenges of growing a new camp.

In addition to supporting aspiring masters in their endeavors to grow new camps, the LO program is designed to facilitate communication between aspiring camp masters and the Electoral College, to increase the likelihood of long-term survival for new camps, and to encourage the emergence of new local bodies in unserved areas.

The Electoral College recommends that those aspiring to be camp masters participate in the LO program, although participation in the program is not a mandatory prerequisite for submitting an application for camp charter. It does, however, help to prepare an organizer for taking that step, and it allows Electors to get to know the applicant and their work.

Resources Available to Local Organizers

Recognition as a Local Organizer

To be considered for recognition as a Local Organizer, an individual meeting the qualifications listed below must contact the Local Organizer Secretary at lop@oto-usa.org to apply.


A Local Organizer is expected to:

Failure in any of these will jeopardize participation in the Local Organizer Program.

Guidelines for Operation

Local Organizers are responsible for adhering to the following guidelines. These are designed as general guidelines, which we understand may not address every situation that might arise in a particular valley. Should specific questions arise, a Local Organizer should contact their mentor, or the E.C. Organizer Secretary.

It is the desire of the Electoral College to help facilitate the success of a Local Organizer. To that end we offer the above resources and guidelines. If there are further resources that would be helpful, or if specific questions arise, an Organizer should contact the Organizer Secretary directly at lop@oto-usa.org.