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Electors are appointed by the Supreme and Holy King. They must volunteer for office following their Vth Degree Initiation. Potential volunteers (of the Vth or K.R.E. Degree) interested in more details about the duties and responsibilities of service on the EC may contact the EC President. The president will forward requests from those who signify their intention to volunteer for the College to the Supreme and Holy King, who will review each petition.

Steven Bianchi | ec-sbianchi@oto-usa.org | Midwest US

Steven currently serves as the Electoral College's Treasurer.

Amy Wolfing | ec-awolfing@oto-usa.org | Eastern PA & NJ

Amy Wolfing first become interested in magick and Thelema in the mid-90's, and shortly thereafter took her Minerval at William Blake Lodge. As time went on, she became more involved in Thelesis Lodge, serving as Treasurer and Priestess. Amy has been a professional writer for over 25 years, a graduate of Temple University with a BA in Political Science and has been working for 15 years in the area of human resources training and development. The requirements to join the Electoral College include, "... giving evidence of first-rate ability in some branch of athletics," and to meet this Amy ran the New York Marathon twice. She was seated on the College in 2009.

Dr. David Hill | ec-dhill@oto-usa.org | Texas

David Hill has been a member of O.T.O. since 1996 e.v. In years past, he served the Order as International Initiation Secretary. David is currently a member of Scarlet Woman Lodge where he serves as a priest and initiator. He is also a member of Baphomet Chapter R+C. Professionally, David is a clinical psychologist who also practices in forensic settings. He is a member of the Psychology Guild and is the coordinator for the guild's pastoral counseling workshops. In addition, David holds a black belt in Seven Star Mantis kung fu and practices tai chi. He was seated on the Electoral College at the Fall 2010 e.v. meeting.

Hattie Quinn | hattie.quinn@oto-usa.org | Texas

Sister Beth "Hattie Quinn” Kimbell (Sr. BTH SHMSH) has been an initiate since Anno IVix. She has held many local positions over the years. She began her O.T.O. life in Cambridge, then spent a blissful and much too short sixteen months in Portland, OR, and has settled down to the Wildwood in Fort Worth, TX, to a life with satyrs.

She is a member of Knights Templar Oasis, in Salem, MA, Sekhet-Maat Lodge in Portland, OR, and Bubastis Oasis in Dallas, as well as a member of Psyche-Eros Chapter in Oregon and Baphomet Chapter in Texas, and affiliates with Sekhet Bast Ra Oasis in OKC and Tahuti Chapter in the Northeast.

She serves as Historian to the National Conference Committee and as a Speaker on the Kaaba Colloquium Committee. She joined the Electoral College in Anno IVxviii, and served as College Parliamentarian, Kaaba Committee Liaison, Mentor Secretary, and Camp-in-Formation Organizer Secretary. As of Anno IVxxi, she serves as Secretary for the Committee for the Advancement of Thelemic Families, and as of Anno Viv is the President of the Electoral College.

Her Latin motto is 'Superius Exemplar Semper Praebeo', colloquially meaning 'I always raise the bar', reflecting her relentless drive to improvement. She likes things "Just-So" and idolizes Benjamin Franklin.

Scott Wilde | scott.wilde@oto-usa.org | Seattle, WA

Scott currently serves as the Electoral College's Archives Secretary.

Geoff Leibinger | ec-gleibinger@oto-usa.org | Portland, OR

Geoff Leibinger joined the Electoral College at the Fall meeting of 2012 e.v. He served as Master of Sekhet-Maat Lodge from 2009 to 2012, has been a member of O.T.O. and Sekhet-Maat since 1999, and is an ordained priest and initiator. He works in renewable resources.

Joshua Adam Sharp | dis_isochron@yahoo.com | South Central US

Joshua took his Minerval degree into the O.T.O. on August 24th 2002. He served as Deputy Master of Vortex Oasis during that time. He was the founding Master of Alombrados Oasis, in New Orleans, L.A. He currently serves his local body as an Ordained Priest of the E.G.C. and a Chartered Initiator. He is also member of Dionysus Chapter and Aurora-Eos Chapter R+C. Joshua joined the Electoral College at NOTOCON IX, Neither East nor West, in 2013. Aum! He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of New Orleans. In his spare time Joshua plays music with three of his fellow O.T.O. brethren in the Black Metal ensemble, Mehenet.

Mike Estell | mike.estell@oto-usa.org | Boston, MA

Mike Estell took his Minerval initiation on the Ides of March, 1998 e.v. He is a member of the Committee of Four of Tahuti Chapter R+C, a chartered initiator, and an ordained E.G.C. Priest. He was trained as a classical scholar at Berkeley and Yale, ultimately receiving a Ph.D. in Classics from Yale in 2000 e.v. He holds a second-degree black belt in traditional Japanese Shotokan karate, but has subsequently shifted his focus to Chinese internal martial arts. He was seated on the College in 2014 e.v. and currently serves as the College's Parliamentarian, Annual Report Secretary, and Tenure Limit Secretary.

Valerie Rogers | sphinxie@gmail.com | Chicago, IL

Valerie Rogers took her Minerval initiation in Austin, Texas in 1997 and received her Man of Earth degrees at Scarlet Woman Lodge. She now serves the Order as an ordained Priestess of EGC, founding member of her Chapter's Committee of Four, and Mentor Secretary for the Electoral College. She holds a BA in Anthropology and Classics from The University of Texas and has traveled widely for OTO. She lives in Colorado with her husband Tau Polyphilus, their daughter, and two cats. She was seated at the spring meeting of the College in 2014 e.v.

Sr Kayla | kayla.block@oto-usa.org | Northern CA

Sr Kayla joined the OTO in 1989 at Baphomet Lodge in Los Angeles. She is a member of Babalon, Sangraal, and Alpha Chapters, as well as a member of 418 Lodge. She was the founder and bodymaster of AHBH in Las Vegas, and helped steer it from Camp-in-Formation to Oasis. In the past, she was the Information Architect for the USGL website and the Secretary for the USGL Education Committee. In addition, she was the on-site organizer for the OTO Women's Symposium (OTOWS) in Las Vegas and has also presented at NOTOCON. She is an ordained Priestess and a chartered initiator. She was seated on the Electoral College in 2014.

Leanne Berry | leanne.berry@oto-usa.org | Southern California

Leanne Berry took her Minerval initiation in September of 2006, and has been actively involved in Ordo Templi Orientis since that time, including holding Lodge offices such as Secretary and Deputy Master. She is an ordained Priestess of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, is actively involved in training new clergy, is a chartered initiator. She feels as though her purpose of this incarnation is to love, to heal, to laugh, and to help others in maximizing their potentials to live happy and healthy lives. These qualities are manifested in her daily life in that she is a Behavioral Therapist who works primarily with children with Autism, using Applied Behavior Analysis She resides in Southern California with her wife, Catherine, and her cat, Kether.